Online Games for the Masses

The new joy on the Internet, Romanians have discovered flash games on their websites. More and more sites from Romania are fighting for a higher pagerank in Google, trying different SEO tools and backlink campaigns. The business of the online gaming industry is complex and requires the input and integration of many variables (people, business conditions, product goals, and more) to create, implement, and distribute a successful online game. Senior IT Architect Veronika Megler kicks off the first of a five-part series focusing on infrastructure providers for online gaming. The series illustrates the current state of the industry and demonstrates how to develop a high-level business overview and how to identify the most important business patterns. The author offers eight steps toward this goal.

Describing the online gaming industry at any level of detail would be time consuming and I want to focus on development issues rather than history. To create a context for this discussion, I want to spend a moment talking about the industry.

The industry that creates, distributes, เว็บแทงบอล and runs games is complex. Increasingly, game art is developed by artist studios rather than the code developers who did all the work when I was writing games. Game developers can range from small startups with a big idea to large entertainment studios looking to capitalize on existing media assets by developing a game with a movie, character, or brand.

Games may be distributed by the company that developed the game, by game publishers, or by game consolidators. The game development industry is starting to look more and more like movie production with its big studios and small independents, sometimes partnering and sometimes competing.