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Resveratrol Dosage – How Much is Too Much?

Since resveratrol experiments have been carried out on animal subjects, the proper amount of resveratrol to be taken by humans to achieve the same positive effects is yet to be determined. Assessment of resveratrol dosage has become a widely debated issue among those who would like to maximize from this compound’s curative effects.

Based on resveratrol research done on mice and insects, scientists were able to offer initial dosage recommendations for humans. In the study, the mice were given 20 mg resveratrol dose per day, and genetic changes showing anti-aging characteristics were revealed. In parallel with this, a safe step would be to consume 20 mg. dosage in the initial stages. There have been resveratrol manufacturers claiming that 500mg to 1000mg in every dosage poses no issues to be alarmed about. However, participants in a study taking these specific doses reported anemia, blood thinning, anxiety and diarrhea.

The good thing about these side effects is that they are completely reversible. Needless to say, resveratrol in high dosages may not be advisable and a moderate dosage is best especially when trying a new supplement.

The person’s weight should also be considered in determining dosage guidelines. Studies have proven that it would take around 4.9 mg for every kilogram of body weight for resveratrol to be effective in creating the same healthy effects as from a RAD 140 dosage cycle calorie restricted diet. For example, a 334 mg dosage should be recommended to an individual weighing 150 pounds. The effects of taking the recommended resveratrol dosage may not easily be noticeable, but given the research placed unto it, people can expect healthier bodies and longer lives.

However promising the health benefits of resveratrol seem to be, there is no sufficient information to date regarding its long term effects. It is also extremely important to consider the theory that resveratrol may possibly encourage breast cancer formation due to its chemical structure being closely similar to that of phytoestrogen. However, despite this negative assumption, the weighty positive effects that resveratrol can bring to the human body are reasons strong enough for people to continue wanting to benefit from its use.